Saturday, September 8, 2012

Denver Refrigerator Repair Tips

Refrigerators have really changed over the years in the way they perform for us. They use to operate with very simple technology, and they only cooled our food. Now we can use them on the internet and even watch television on them, and they operate much more efficiently. Simple things like thermostats are being replaced by sensors and computer boards. While the technology has really changed there is one thing that remains the same... we still need to clean the coils. The condenser coils are where we displace the heat we pick up from inside the the refrigerator. They work allot like the radiator on your car. See the dirt and dust acts like an insulator and if the coils are dirty they can not remove as much heat, and therefore the refrigerator can not pick up as much heat from inside the box. So then when you clean your coils  it will save you money, because the refrigerator will operate more efficiently. For more information check us out at  

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